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Stuart Trotter Illustration - Roughs

I love roughs. I love the process of sketching and drawing in pencil or crayon. Following receipt of your brief this is the exciting stage of visualising it.

Stuart Trotter Illustration - Watercolour

Delicate and detailed.

Stuart Trotter Illustration - Digital

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign. Gromit was illustrated using Illustrator.


Stuart Trotter Illustration - Mixed Media

Little bit of this, little bit of that...pencil, crayon,

acrylic ink, digital.

Stuart Trotter Illustration - Picture books

I write and illustrate picture and board books, and can offer the full service of book packaging. As Publisher of Rockpool Children's Books I'm delighted to say that all of our books are available as Print on Demand through Imago/Albury Books print on demand platform.

Stuart Trotter Illustration - Character art

Illustrated several leading characters for several publishers. I'm also versatile enough to ghost other illustrators...for example Kipper for Mick Inkpen.

Stuart Trotter Illustration - Rupert

I Illustrate Rupert Bear for the Rupert Annual

published by Egmont UK, the sixth having just been


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